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2013 Legislative Update

The legislature passed legislation to:

Improve Roadways and Waterways

$90 million in improvements to LA 1, Company Canal, Canal Blvd., 80 Arpent Canal & Thompson Road

Add Funding to Morganza to the Gulf

$25 million in additional funding

Enhance Nicholls State & Fletcher

$9.63 million for campus facilities and programs

Upgrade the Ports

$9.35 million for Port of MC Governmental Operations and Emergency Center and Port of WSM for Charenton Canal Industrial Development

Improve Drainage and Wastewater

$10 million in wastewater systems, pump stations, culverts, drainage and sewer treatment upgrades

Fund a Marine Education Center

$3.3 million for a new Marine Operations and Safety Training Center at SCLTC-Young Memorial campus

and to secure $23.8 million for District 21 projects such as parks, road upgrades, a business park/airport gateway, a Terrebonne Sports Complex and a Terrebonne Emergency Operations Center.

Much was accomplished in the 2013 Legislative Session, especially for the people of District 21.

A number of strides were made to help fund education, including $69 million for local school districts, a 5% increase to the statewide scholarship program, and $15.4 million for new facilities for the Young Memorial and River Parishes campuses for SCLTC and Fletcher Technical Community College.

The Legislature also passed a measure to create the Hospital Stabilization Fund to preserve critical healthcare services subject to voter approval of a constitutional amendment.

The Legislature also enacted a number of bills that offer protections to District 21’s residents and businesses. SB 6 gives further protections to shipyards by allowing for enhanced prosecution of those who trespass or steal from shipyards that conduct business on the water.

SB 20 requires 30-60 days public notice before a governmental body proposes tax issues.

SCR 91 recommends to the U.S. Congress that amendments be made to prevent dramatic rate hikes to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Other action by the Legislature provides for oversight hearings on Citizens' Insurance and protects the Artificial Reef Development Fund.

It continues to be my honor to serve as your Senator. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and your family.

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