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Sen. Allain has been a farmer all of his life. Working in the fields is where Bret got his start, and it’s where he feels most at home. According to Bret, there’s no better feeling than finishing up a good harvest and looking back on all the hard work that was put in to make it happen. He knows the importance of the industry to our state’s economy because he’s lived it.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that Bret was chosen as the Vice-Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee at the beginning of his first term. Sen. Allain and the committee are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve the state of agriculture in Louisiana.

The committee deals with issues such as:

  • livestock inspections and the meat and dairy industries
  • soil conservation
  • nutrition
  • agricultural promotion, production, and marketing
  • agricultural economics, research, and engineering
  • forestry

For more information: http://senate.la.gov/Agriculture/Default.asp

Sen. Bret Allain works hard for you

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