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Act 448 of the 2015 Legislative Session

Provides for alternative dispute resolution for disputes relating to remediation of oilfield sites and exploration and production sites.

Sen. Allain is always looking for ways to improve the legal climate surrounding legacy lawsuits that stem from the effects of oil and gas exploration.

As a landowner and someone with interests in oil and gas, Bret’s goal in simple--getting a fair deal for companies and landowners when these issues arise.

SCR 89 of the 2015 Legislative Session

Establishes a task force to study the performance audit on the regulation of oil and gas wells and management of orphaned wells.

Act 577 of the 2014 Legislative Session

Created the “Catch and Cook” Program. Anglers can bring their fresh catch to participating restaurants and have it prepared and served to them.

For more information regarding a recent trip hosted by Bret and the Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries to promote “Catch and Cook”: http://guyharveymagazine.com/i-love-louisiana/

Act 51 of the 2013 Legislative Session

Provides stiffer penalties for the crime of unauthorized entry to a place of business.

This issue was brought to Sen. Allain by local shipyards that were having difficulties prosecuting individuals who entered their work sites without permission from a bayou or canal. A loophole in the law did not recognize a body of water as a true boundary like a fence is treated. Act 51 changed that, and our businesses are better protected today.

Shipyard security measure passes: http://www.houmatoday.com/article/20130521/ARTICLES/130529880

Act 267 of the 2013 Legislative Session

Provides certain requirements for meetings at which consideration of or action upon proposals by political subdivisions to increase or renew property or sales taxes, or authorize the calling of an election for submittal of such question to voters are scheduled.

This law provides greater transparency to the public on the process by which tax propositions get discussed and ultimately put on the ballot. The more sunshine, the better. We all have a right to be well-informed when it comes to the taxes we pay.

Act 434 of the 2013 Legislative Session

Created the Artificial Reef Development Fund and protected its funding from being used for purposes outside of the scope of its program.

“Rigs to Reefs” allows idle and decommissioned drilling rigs to stay in the Gulf of Mexico where they can become habitat for many of the species of fish we enjoy catching.

The program was in danger due to its funding being used to plug budget deficits in other places. Sen. Allain fought for the program, and voters approved a constitutional amendment to protect these vital resources for Louisiana’s environment and its tourism industry.

Bret’s Letter to The Advocate ahead of the vote on the amendment: http://theadvocate.com/news/acadiana/10650385-123/letter-maintaining-rigs-to-reefs

Act 795 of the 2012 Legislative Session

Requires notice be provided to certain landowners affected by certain drilling operations.

Other Important Fights

  1. SB 200 and 201, not passed by the Legislature in 2014, would have mandated that a minimum of 20% of voters vote in a given election for any local tax proposition to be eligible for approval.

    The goal was to encourage local taxing districts to put their issues before the voters on election day ballots when more citizens go to the polls. (i.e. state primary or general elections, congressional, or presidential elections).

    Louisiana already has plenty of election dates each year. There's no need to bury local tax options on a ballot when voters are less likely to head to the polls.

    For more information: http://senate.la.gov/allain/releases/2014/041114.pdf
    For more information: http://labi.org/legislature-info/bill-detail/2014rs-sb200
    For more information: http://labi.org/legislature-info/bill-detail/2014rs-sb201
  2. In 2015, Sen. Allain pushed three pieces of legislation that would have eliminated the inventory tax that is paid to local governments by businesses in Louisiana. The tax makes us non-competitive with other states that do not have an inventory tax, but the Legislature could not find a solution this year to replace the funds that local governments would lose in such a scenario.

    Conversely, to help solve this year's budget crisis, the Legislature reduced the inventory tax credit that the state offers to business to ease the burden of the tax liability by 25%.

    Losing part of that credit would have severely hurt our small business community. So Bret fought for small business at the end of the 2015 Session by authoring an amendment that keeps the full credit in place for businesses that pay $10,000 or less in inventory taxes.

    Because of that fight, Sen. Allain received the Guardian Award from the National Federation of Independent Business at a ceremony in Houma in the summer of 2015.

    For more information:
  3. Bret fought for homeowners in 2013 with SB 19, a bill designed to bring more transparency to the process by which Citizens Insurance can raise rates on its policyholders. Bret's home parish of St. Mary saw increases of over 150% with little to no explanation as to why.

    While the bill did not pass both houses of the Legislature (after unanimously passing the Senate, the bill stalled in the House) due to an aggressive lobbying effort by the insurance industry and state officials, it did shine a light on its practices and showed Bret to be a fighter for consumers.

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