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Natural Resources

Sen. Allain also serves on the Senate Natural Resources Committee, a committee vitally important to District 21. Natural Resources approves the state’s coastal plan, an effort led by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority that is tasked with protecting our vulnerable coastline along with funding future flood control projects such as a permanent structure on Bayou Chene.

The Natural Resources committee also works closely with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to regulate, preserve, and promote “Sportsman’s Paradise” so that future generations can enjoy the wonders of our state’s environment.

Lastly, Natural Resources looks at issues related to our state’s most important economic sector, the oil and gas industry. Many Louisianans rely on the energy industry for the employment opportunities that allow us to support our families, and our nation relies on the industry to fuel and power our economy.

Because of Bret’s history in the oil and gas business and as a farmer, he knows the delicate balance that must be struck when weighing the needs of industry and the needs of the environment.

Sen. Allain serves on the Select Committee for Coastal Restoration and Flood Control.

For more information: http://senate.la.gov/NaturalResources/Default.asp

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