Bret Allain


While serving in the Legislature, Bret has had a wide array of experience tackling important
issues facing District 21 and the state.
Current Assignments:
Finance Committee (Vice Chairman)
  • Appropriation of state funds, general appropriations bill, revenue sharing, and other fiscal controls
Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget
  • Extension of the Senate Finance Committee for matters that must be addressed by both the House and the Senate
Natural Resources Committee
  • Mineral resources and land, oil and gas exploration, pipelines, conservation, Wildlife and Fisheries
Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development Committee
  • Ag services, agribusiness, ag economics (production, promotion, and marketing), soil conservation, livestock inspections, dairy industry, nutrition
Commerce, Consumer Protection, and International Affairs Committee
  • Banking regulation, telecommunications, credit unions, navigation and licensing of certain vessels, trade protection for Louisiana business interests
Select Committee on Coastal Restoration and Flood Control (Chairman)
  • Construction, improvements, and maintenance of waterways in coastal parishes, flood and drainage projects in coastal parishes, levee districts